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Loan repayment calculator

One of the cornerstones of getting a loan, regardless what it’s for, is knowing what your repayments will be. That’s where our loan repayment calculator comes in – all you need to get started is how much you’re looking to borrow, the interest rate on the loan, how long the term is, at what frequency you intend to repay the loan, and any fees associated with it. Then you’ll see a graph of the total payment of the loan, and how much of that is the balance itself vs. how much interest. Beyond that you’ll also get a look at the weekly, monthly or fortnightly repayment amount as a dollar figure, as well as the total payment and interest/fee portion. This calculator and its output can be a great motivator to shop around for the best deal or to incentivise you to make extra repayments if possible in order to save on interest.

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