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Budget planner

The foundation of financial security is managing your money well. Knowing how much you have coming in from your job, investment properties, bonuses, pensions and other streams; weighed up against your regular expenses; gives you a good picture of the direction your savings are headed. Take note of both long- and short-term expenses. Shorter term costs such as rent, phone contracts, internet bills, utilities, groceries, entertainment and fuel are usually top-of-mind for most people, however don’t discount the impact of those that are slightly less regular. These include car registration, credit card repayments, insurance premiums, mortgage payments, birthday gifts, events, school fees and plenty more. The benefit of our budget planner is that it helps you to visualise the amount of money you’ll have leftover each week, fortnight, month or year. From this you can determine any places to cut costs or even decide how to spend surplus cash; or use it in our saving calculator to see how you could best put it aside for later.

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