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We assist migrants to thrive in their new home and take advantage of the abundant business, employment and lifestyle opportunities offered in WA.

Whether you’re here on a permanent or temporary visa, we’ll guide you through the myriad of financial, commercial, insurance and legal issues that occur when relocating. Whether it be transferring your United Kingdom (UK) pension, maximising your entitlement to a UK State pension, tax planning, personal investment, buying a business or sourcing finance for commercial, investment or personal needs, we provide tailored advice to suit your circumstances.

We act as a business network for clients, putting them in touch with reliable professionals in the areas of real estate, legal services and insurance. Even if you’re still in the United Kingdom and thinking about your move, McKinley Plowman can demonstrate how your pension assets can be used to build a solid foundation in Australia.

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Pension services provided by Pension Transfer Specialists Pty Ltd (ATF Pension Transfer Specialists Unit Trust), authorised representatives of HNW Planning Pty Ltd AFSL No. 225216.

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