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UK State Pensions

As of April 2023, the full basic UK State Pension is £203.85 per week. McKinley Plowman can assist you with maximising your current entitlement to a UK State Pension, thus increasing income in retirement by making additional voluntary contributions. The UK State Pension cannot be transferred, it is a credit-based system payable once you reach UK State Pension age and unlike the Australian Age pension it is not means tested.  For all future pensioners this will be a single tier pension. Our fee for this service is $550 inclusive of GST.

If you would like to find out more about the UK State Pension and how we can help you maximise your contributions and entitlement, please visit Pension Transfer Specialists or complete the form below.

UK Pensions Enquiry

For UK State Pension and Pension Transfer enquiries

  • For UK State Pension and Pension Transfer enquiries

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