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due diligence

Many businesses seek growth. In addition to organic growth (the mainstay of any healthy business), mergers and acquisitions can assist greatly in the successful development of a business. However, it’s not all about top line revenue growth – a successful merger or acquisition adds strategic value and can significantly improve a business’ bottom line. Well-considered due diligence, along with thoroughly planned and executed integration, helps assist in achieving this.

Any acquisition is a significant financial investment for your business, and it is critical that the appropriate due diligence (DD) is undertaken prior to the transaction. You really want and need to know what you are acquiring – warts and all.

Our experience in delivering effective, timely and commercially relevant due diligence will ensure you achieve a well-advised and optimal outcome.

/ɪnˈsaɪ.sɪv/intelligently analytical
and clear-thinking.

Incisive DD focuses on what’s important to your business and is pleased to offer the following solutions to meet your needs:

DD Solutions

We provide due diligence solutions to businesses that want to supplement organic growth with acquisitions and mergers, leveraging our first-hand experience and accounting and taxation expertise. We agree upon the scope of work and level of reporting with yourself in advance in order to ensure everyone is pointing in the same direction and we then manage the process directly with the target entity to assist in freeing up your own time to focus on other important matters.

Tax DD and structural advice

Not every structure is acquisition-ready and can come with an unwanted tax burden if not correctly understood or structured prior to the transaction. We have a depth of experience in identifying and providing class-leading solutions to navigate these complex tax and structural waters to ensure you have a commercially viable structure whilst minimising potential tax obligations.

Business valuations

Part of any good strategic business plan is knowing what a business is worth. Whether you’re looking at your next acquisition or ascertaining your own relative value, Incisive DD has the tools and experience to navigate this highly subjective area.

Industry benchmarking

Keeping track of your own business from an internal perspective can be challenging enough – but how do you accurately measure against your competitors? Incisive DD is proud to offer industry benchmarking, using our extensive experience across a range of industries, as well as our access to relevant, up-to-date data that accurately shows how your performance compares with that of your competitors.

Why Use Incisive?

  • Focused on what’s important to you
  • Commercial approach
  • Depth of experience across several industries
  • Thorough risk identification
  • Informative and enlightening process

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