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Estate and Succession Planning

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In both our personal and professional lives, we aim to look after ourselves in the moment. But are we doing all we can to prepare for the future? At McKinley Plowman, we help our clients take stock of what they have now and develop strategies to protect their assets down the track. From looking after your family’s finances to ensuring your business can run smoothly in your absence, estate and succession planning is the key to a secure future for your loved ones. We take the time to get to know your priorities on both a personal and business level, and determine the best structures to implement your wishes. After all, you’ve worked hard to generate your wealth, so it’s sensible to ensure it is future-proof.

The extent of business succession planning benefits includes increased and measurable improvement in business profitability, improved cash flow, sustainable growth and increased business value. This is something all businesses deserve and have the capacity to make a realistic goal.

Estate Planning with McKinley’s takes care of a multitude of issues such as creating a robust Will, determining Power of Attorney, taxation matters and asset transfers and documentation. In the case of any contentious issues ‘after the fact’, we will have already appointed on your behalf a carefully selected legal adviser who will ensure that Estates wishes are strictly adhered to.

Looking after you now and in the future – partners for life.

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