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Estate Planning certainly isn’t on the top of everyone’s ‘must-do’ list. Quite frankly, it’s a subject that we’d sometimes rather put to one side and worry about another time. However, it’s an extremely important subject and one that’s better taken care of sooner rather than later.
With McKinley Plowman, Estate Planning is made simple and guarantees peace of mind by knowing that you have ensured your loved ones are taken care of after you have gone. Importantly, your exact wishes are taken care of.
Estate Planning with McKinley’s takes care of a multitude of issues such as creating a robust Will, determining Power of Attorney, taxation matters and asset transfers and documentation. Another important consideration is protecting assets for your children, and this is an aspect of estate planning that spurs many people into action.
In the case of any contentious issues ‘after the fact’, we will have already appointed on your behalf a carefully selected legal adviser who will ensure that your wishes are strictly adhered to. McKinley Plowman can also act as the executor and Legal Personal Representative (LPR) so you know your estate is in safe hands, and can be on hand to administer deceased estates including tax returns and advice.
Basically, you can rest comfortably knowing when it’s your time, your family will be looked after exactly how you’d like.


As business owners and drivers, we all strive so hard for success. Pure blood, sweat and tears go into a good business. Knowing all of the above, it makes it a ‘given’ that we should all have a business succession plan that is as equally robust and well thought out as the business itself.
Although situations vary between business sizes and types, succession generally relates to exiting a business via selling to a third party, to family or to staff. A business sale can also be ‘forced’ for reasons such as death.
Our Business Succession process begins with a no-obligation consultation to identify and prioritise business, family and personal goals, which allows us to formulate a solid exit plan that provides the best possible outcome for you.
What’s more, business owners wanting to partially retire while retaining control are offered a succession plan which provides time away from the business, while their motivated staff grow profits and add value to it.

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