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Published Content and Branding: Make the Most of Your Expertise

Engage clients and bringing in new business leads – savvy business owners have understood for some time that positive branding and strong online presence is necessary for growing their customer base. Increasing these opportunities often leads business owners down the well-trodden paths of traditional marketing tools such as TV and radio advertising, and more recently, social media marketing. However effective these may prove, an area which is all too often overlooked is published content in the form of blogs and articles. But how can we leverage these to our advantage and turn inactive clients and cold leads into active and valuable customers?

Outline your goals early

The most important part of a comprehensive (and ultimately successful) marketing strategy comes with knowing what it is you want to achieve. Setting the foundation for this can stem from the broader goals of your business, or specifically what you would like to see come out of the marketing department. Whatever the scope, smart, achievable goals are important to provide guidance to the development of a marketing strategy, and to indicate the success or failure of it at the end of a determined time period. Are you looking for more customers? Are you trying to show the online community that your services are backed by your team’s extensive knowledge and experience? Get these outlined before you start putting pen to paper.

The “when, how and why”

Writing articles and blog posts can potentially be time-consuming, however it can offer business owners a platform to demonstrate their expertise in the field in which they operate, and separate themselves from the competition by adding value in the form of information. Sharing this knowledge through articles and portfolios of past work is all possible through your website, and a professionally designed website is even better. Not only does this position your brand as a professional, clean and reliable source of information, it also enhances the image of the business as a whole and increases the likelihood of people looking to take on your product or service.

The “where”

Establishing expertise in your industry through such a medium requires some confidence in the way you construct published content. Most relevant is the confidence you hold in your own credibility, and ensuring said credibility is obvious in your content. Establishing relationships with publications that are relevant and reliable in your industry is a good place to start, as good quality content in those spaces can significantly boost recognition of your brand; whilst also reaching an audience that are looking specifically for that type of material. Publishing content on your own website in conjunction with external sites can prove a successful strategy in increasing your business’ digital footprint, and ultimately take strides in enhancing your reputation in your industry.


A marketing strategy which involves uploading content to websites is well-complemented with a consistent social media strategy. Regularly uploading small content as single posts, and also linking users to larger articles on websites is a good place to start. From this, the use of consistent branding where appropriate serves to enhance the recollection of your business in the minds of those who see your content. Getting the best out of a combination of these, aligned with the goals for your overall marketing strategy, embeds in the minds of consumers the link between valuable and relevant content, and your business’ brand.

Is your brand where it needs to be? A brand health check may just be the first step towards a successful marketing strategy – contact McKinley Plowman today to arrange a consultation:

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Ben joined the McKinley Plowman team in 2017 as a Marketing & HR Assistant, after completing a Bachelors degree in Marketing & Management from the University of Western Australia. Ben has since stepped up to the role of Marketing Manager and oversees the marketing activities for MP+ and many of our clients.

Ben enjoys helping clients take their businesses to the next level with thoughtful marketing strategies, innovative solutions, and timely reviews to ensure great outcomes. When he's not in the office, you'll find Ben playing football (soccer), watching it, or reading about it.

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