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How Healthy is Your Business’ Brand?

Branding is more than just a logo; it’s an essential component of business marketing and development, often misunderstood. Many business owners mistakenly believe branding is as simple as creating a new logo and picking a colour scheme and font. However, true branding is far more nuanced. So, how healthy is your business’ brand?

A Healthy Business Brand Starts with Strategy

Successful branding (or re-branding) for your starts with a strategic session. This involves understanding your business’ current position and future goals, and analyses performance, personality, and the desired state of the business. The session should also cover target market demographics, brand and marketing budgets, and the extent to which your business is financially healthy.

During the session, you and your team will be prompted to introspectively assess your business approach, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. This results in a comprehensive, honest document that guides the creative process.

The Creative Process of a Healthy Business Brand

Informed by the outcomes of the strategy session, a designer then tailors the design of your brand and logo to your specific market segment, ensuring it resonates emotionally and is adaptable across digital and print formats. This process ensures the design not only represents your business accurately but also aligns with your values and culture.

A healthy business brand can motivate your sales team, energise your staff, and increase leads. On the other hand, neglecting strategic analysis in branding can lead to a disconnect with customers and a logo that fails to represent your business effectively. Remember, your brand is a reflection of you and your business. The logo and design should set the expectation for what customers can anticipate from your services.

Business Case Study: A Healthy Re-Brand

Early in 2023, we helped a client update their branding, and developed something that not only looked more modern and polished, but crucially better reflected their business’ purpose. Forming a key part of our strategy session was the exploration of company values, and the way in which the business interacts with its clients. As a professional services provider, the business owner was keen to ensure that the new branding suite positioned the business as a professional operator, one that values its public image and communicates its commitment to expertise and competence. The final result was much more than a new logo and updated branding suite, it is now the basis for internal documents and communications, the public face of the business, and an identity that will stand the test of time.

Time to Re-Brand?

At McKinley Plowman, we understand the importance of branding and marketing, dedicating significant time to these areas with our clients. That’s why we created ‘Brand Plus’, our internal marketing agency. With intimate knowledge of our clients’ businesses, we offer strategic advice in this crucial aspect of their operations.

If you’re interested in learning more about branding or rebranding your business, or simply wish to know more about Brand Plus, please reach out. You can learn more by clicking here or contacting us at 08 9301 2200 (Joondalup) or 08 9325 2411 (Perth).

written by:

Ben joined the McKinley Plowman team in 2017 as a Marketing & HR Assistant, after completing a Bachelors degree in Marketing & Management from the University of Western Australia. Ben has since stepped up to the role of Marketing Manager and oversees the marketing activities for MP+ and many of our clients.

Ben enjoys helping clients take their businesses to the next level with thoughtful marketing strategies, innovative solutions, and timely reviews to ensure great outcomes. When he's not in the office, you'll find Ben playing football (soccer), watching it, or reading about it.

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