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Why Are So Many Businesses Moving to Xero?

In a world of many options, business owners have several choices when it comes to the accounting software package they use, but Xero is by far the largest and fastest growing player in the market in Australia & New Zealand. That’s no coincidence – there are a number of reasons why so many business owners are moving to Xero, and in this article we’ll have a look at some of the key benefits. And speaking of benefits, McKinley Plowman clients who engage our services to coordinate their business’ switch to Xero can access a 50% discount on their subscription up to 31 March 2025 – more details below.

App Integrations with Xero

From your perspective as a business owner, do you have clarity on your financial situation? Short on time to get your financials in order? Frustrated at having to coordinate several software platforms to be able to do what you need to? Xero integrates many of the apps that help to run a business, and push and pull data between them to reduce the amount of time required for effective financial management. Quotes and invoices for clients, direct bank feeds to process transaction information, payroll, and more – it all happens in the same place.

User Friendly Access & Experience

As a cloud-based software package that is accessed through your web browser (Chrome, Edge etc.) or an iOS/Android app, Xero is designed to be user friendly and accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. Your dashboard can be configured in such a way that you can see a snapshot of the metrics that matter most to you as a business owner. Businesses using desktop-based accounting systems (or worse, no system at all) often find themselves moving to Xero to take advantage of a cleaner, more intuitive user interface that’s easy to learn.

Xero: A Secure & Convenient Cloud-Based Experience

These days, cyber security is a primary concern for businesses and individuals alike, and moving to Xero ’s brings with it an impressive suite of security mesaures. Two-factor authentication, data encryption, secure data centres and multi-layered security are critical in protecting your business’ sensitive financial information. Xero also allows you to choose who can and cannot view your data.

Online file storage is also a big plus. Forget stacks of paperwork and cupboards full of documents – all of your files (expenses, invoices, receipts, data entries) are stored online and can be accessed quickly and easily. Cloud software also doesn’t require purchasing new discs, or lengthy delays when the product is updated – everything happens automatically.

Reports and Insights

Xero gives users access to a number of different report types that provide detailed analysis of how their business is performing. In addition to their ready-made reports, you can also build custom reports to gain visibility over the metrics that matter most to you. This powers thorough and timely management reporting, allowing you to proactively take advantage of business opportunities, and spot potential issues before they get out of hand.

50% Xero Discount for McKinley Plowman Clients

Our status as a Xero Platinum Partner means that we have access to a range of exclusive offers that we can pass onto our clients. The savings associated with these offers represents fantastic value for money, over and above the cost saving benefits that normally come with Xero. Until 31 March 2025, MP+ clients who switch to Xero can access a 50% discount on their subscription cost, so to maximise the benefit of this discount, get in as soon as possible!

So don’t delay – if you’re ready to start your Xero migration and take advantage of this limited time offer, please contact us via our Xero Software Conversion Form to give us the information we require to get you started.

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Heading up our CFO2GO team, Claire's skills as a SME Business Specialist and cloud accounting specialist have developed in line with advancements in technology and best practice; allowing her to maintain the highest service standards for clients.

Claire's passion for growing small businesses and helping them achieve sustained success is what motivates her to continuously develop her skills and knowledge. Her clients appreciate her considered and dedicated approach to working with them, and her personal oversight across their operations and financial performance.

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