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Workplace Rehabilitation and How You Can Help

What is Workplace Rehabilitation?

Workplace Rehabilitation is the process of providing guidance and support to an injured worker, to enable safe and timely return to work after an injury or illness.

Receiving an injury in a work place can have a big impact on your life as a whole. Depending on the injury or illness it can limit you from being able to not only support yourself and/or your family but it can also sometimes cause a psychological limit for the worker whether it’s a fear of returning to the same work place or returning at all.

There are many agencies available that provide Return to Work services for individuals who have been injured at work and you can get involved and help too.

McKinley Plowman try to help out within the community as much as possible and are always open to new ways of helping the people within it’s community.

We recently had a request from IPAR, a National Return to Work Service to assist with a recently injured guy who had worked previously as an accountant. We were able to help out and this fellow has fit right in with the McKinley Plowman team assisting us 3 days a week.

If you would like to help out with your community and assist people with their workplace rehabilitation and would like to know more about how McKinley Plowman help, please contact us.


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