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What’s the Ideal Business Model?

A very interesting article for business owners to consider or reconsider in the context of their current objectives and challenges.

“There’s one question I have been asked literally hundreds and hundreds of times over the years by aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs – and that is ‘what’s the ideal business model?’

Of course, the reality is that there is no ‘perfect’ business model. The right business model or structure for any business depends on many factors but importantly has to be consistent with what you, the business owner, want to get out of the business in the short, medium and longer terms. So, rather than try and shoe-horn every idea into a single model or structure, what I prefer to do is to air a few key considerations that you can run through when you are looking to get that new business started.” Read more…

MSI Australia and New Zealand has the full article click here to read more.

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