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partners for life

What are the chances of…

Suffering a major medical illness (eg cancer, heart disease) between the ages of 30 and 64:

             1 in 3

Having your house burgled in the next 20 years:

            1 in 2

Having your car stolen and not recovered over the next 35 years

            1 in 130

Most people have insurance for their home and motor vehicle but fail to cover adequately their most valuable assets – their life and their ability to earn income over the long term.

  • 70.5% of Australians have motor insurance
  • 56.3% of Australians have contents insurance and 50.1% building insurance
  • 17.4% have life insurance
  • 6.9% have income protection insurance
  • 5.5% have TPD insurance
  • 2.7% have trauma or recovery insurance

Don’t risk your financial future, contact McKinley Plowman for a full review of you and your families insurance needs.

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