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Welcome to the Spring Edition of The Count Report

In this edition of The Count Report, in response to the current popularity of  property, our feature article ‘Make most of the family home’ tackles the possible ways that the family home can assist in wealth and lifestyle creation.

In the article ‘Getting your retirement lifestyle right’, we give you tips and the most important ingredients needed for a euphoric retirement from the expert.

With the fast pacing of our society and the sudden appearances of possible life altering events, one must consider the financial effects of  the occurrence of a major life event. The five common interruptions that many will face throughout their lives and tips in order to stay on track financially are discussed in ‘Life, interrupted’.

Finally, know interesting statistics about home ownership in Australia including the median house prices in the ‘Facts & Figures’ on the back page.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition of The Count Report.

Remember, if you would like to understand more about how any of these topics may impact your financial situation. please do not hesitate to contact us.

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