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How Our Unique Tax Planning Process Delivers Great Results

First of all, we request from you details of your expected income and business profits for the 2014 tax year (1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014). This includes all wages / employment income, interest and dividends and rental income received business profits / losses, and any capital gains / losses you expect to make.

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Based on this information, we estimate your taxable income and your tax payable BEFORE any tax planning strategies.

Secondly, we discuss all of your tax planning options. Some of these may be things to do in your business, and some of these may be investment / wealth creation options.

Third, we provide you with a report that explains in plain English the tax planning strategies we recommend and exactly how much tax you will save, cash flow implications, and the timing – so that you have certainty.

Fourth, we will provide key statistics and graphs on the main drivers of your profit and the performance of your businesses as it is now then provide you with some options to improve the profitability and value under a variety of sale conditions.

Fifth we will review your current financial position and and let you know how much you will need in order to retire based on you objectives and lifestyle. Once we have identified the gap we will provide multiple tax effective options to transition to your financial destination.

And finally, we provide you with an easy-to-follow Action Plan to ensure that both you and we can do everything that needs to be actioned before 30 June.

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For UK State Pension and Pension Transfer enquiries

  • For UK State Pension and Pension Transfer enquiries

Don’t wait until June. Contact our office TODAY to start your tax planning for 2014.

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