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UK Pension Funds Transferred Safely and We’re Thriving…

Like many newcomers to Australia we were concerned about losing the security of our United Kingdom pension when we moved here from Bridgend Wales in February 2004. We were fortunate that an immigration agent put us in touch with Murray McKinley, a CPA accountant and financial adviser who has specialised in UK pension transfers for almost a decade.

The pension my partner Gareth Thomas contributed to during 20 years as a fitter machinist in Wales was transferred in a timely and tax effective way so that we weren’t faced with a hefty tax bill. We now have a self-managed superannuation fund that is invested in a diversified portfolio of blue-chip shares.

Superannuation funds have been subjected to a lot of volatility in 2008, but we are still much better off than we would have been if we’d left our pension in the United Kingdom where the fund was growing at just 4.5 per cent. The long term outlook for us is brilliant and we encourage other newcomers to seek independent specialist advice about transferring this important asset.

Those who don’t get the right advice risk long delays in transferring their pension or paying too much in transfer fees and taxes. We have no hesitation in recommending Murray McKinley to newcomers who would like to transfer their pension assets. For that matter, anyone who would like to grow their wealth has much to gain from consulting Murray.

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