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Tax Time – Before 30 June is the Key

Are you interested in putting together a tax plan or just looking for extra ideas for tax time?

To assist with finding the bit most relevant to you in reading this planning document, we have divided the topics into:

  1. General year-end tax planning tips;
  2. Business year-end tax planning tips;
  3. Individuals year-end tax planning tips;
  4. Year-end tax compliance tips; and
  5. Some rates & proposed changes to keep an eye on.

With the end of the 2015 income tax year fast approaching, it is now an opportune time to consider some year-end tax planning strategies and compliance issues to ensure you are in good tax health.

Although there are a myriad of year-end strategies in the marketplace that aim to increase your tax refund and minimise your tax liability, this article will focus on only the most important strategies available for small businesses and individuals.

Please note that this article serves as general information only, and should not be relied on as advice as it may not be applicable to your specific circumstances. Particular care should be taken when considering any of these strategies as it could lead to other non-tax related consequences.

Please speak to your McKinley Plowman Adviser before preparing and implementing any taxation strategy.

Download the full article and find out how to increase your tax refund and minimise your tax liability here.


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