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Small Business – Big Risks

Protecting your growing business
When you are a small business owner, your heart and soul goes into your business. It’s your baby. And there is a lot at stake both emotionally and financially. Business debts, running costs, employee wages – they all depend on your ability to keep working. Then there is your household expenses, and your family.

Many small business owners fail to think about the vulnerability of their situation.
According to a recent survey, most business do not have a plan to deal with interruption or illness etc. Most owners know they are not covered sufficiently with insurance, and many think it is too expensive. But if you think of how much income you would lose in 6 months, insurance seems a logical solution.
Only 10% of businesses have Business Expense Insurance.
Only 31% of business owners have Income Protection Insurance.

Tax deductible
By combining your Business Expense & Income Protection you can cover your fixed business costs, and up to 80% of your personal income. And in most cases, the premiums are tax deductable.
For every 1 home lost to fire, 4 homes are lost due to death and 48 homes are lost to disability.

What are the chances?
Of a car being stolen and not recovered? 1 in 800
Claiming on Home and Contents policy? 1 in 13
Being disabled for more than 3 months, before age 65, leaving you with no income? 1 in 3

How much will it cost me?
Comprehensive car insurance – $1406 p.a.
$250,000 Home and $50,000 Contents insurance – $780 p.a.
Income protection for a 35 year old male earning $50,000 – $490 p.a.

Get the cover you NEED
The best way to ensure you have the cover you need is to speak to our Business Insurance manager Jo Naquesage. Jo will formulate the right cover, and structure it in the right way to be as cost effective as possible. Few people need to cover more than small business owners, so make it your business to get the advice and cover you need now!

We greatly value our clients and are committed to honouring the trust they place in us by creating visible results for them. Get in touch to find out how we can help our clients maximise profits, minimise tax, and invest the balance for growth.

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