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Sales and Marketing Tips

Point of Sale Promotions

About one third of customers will take up a special offer linked to their current purchase. How can you package products to include companion sales items to increase the total sales value from the sale transaction?


You can assist your customers or potential customers to make a decision if they can access copies of testimonials from current customers. This will give them some reassurance that your business is selling sound products or services.

Special Offers

People like receiving something for nothing, so why not throw something in that they did not expect to receive. It might be a free product, an invitation to an event or even a “white paper” on a particular subject in which you perceive the customer will be interested.


Have you checked the condition of your packaging when it arrives at a customer’s residence/business premises? Is it still attractive? Is the product securely bound? Is the packaging colour conducive to the type of products and market to which you’re trying to sell?

Display Awards

If you have been awarded certificates and business awards, display them at your premises because they can convey to customers and potential customers that you are a good corporate citizen and you’re interested in quality and service to your clients.

Re-Print Media Articles

If you have had a good article written about your business, in a newspaper or magazine, reproduce it and send it to your current customers and have it available for potential customers to read. A newspaper article can give your business a “credibility status” which all helps in the value proposition that the customer, or the would-be customer, is trying to form about your business.

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