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Realising the Dream

Having access to McKinley Plowman’s accounting and financing expertise gave my husband Dave and I the know-how, resources and confidence we needed to achieve our dream of successful property development. We recently sold one of the two storey homes we built on a near beachfront development site in Ocean Reef and are now, with the guidance of McKinley Plowman, on the lookout for our next development project.

We discussed the idea of finding a development block and building two homes on it some years ago with our accountant Nigel Plowman. Nigel, who has given us excellent advice for growing our Wangara based business Reef Kitchens and Cabinets, crunched the numbers to see if our proposed development project was achievable and then called in finance partner Paul Moran to source a financing solution for us.

Paul, who has had enormous experience in the finance sector, did far more than simply assess our eligibility for a loan. He was every bit as passionate about our project as us and made sure we had enough funds available for each stage of the development. He also spent a lot of time advising us about what lay ahead. Working towards our dream was a little scary at first, but we’ve learned from past experience with the team at McKinley Plowman that they’ll give you a fairly straight answer about what is and isn’t feasible.

Dave and I have discovered that having access to good professional advice can mean the difference between dreaming about something and actually achieving it. Nowadays, it’s all guns blazing for us and we’ll be heading back to see Paul Moran about financing our next development project.

Paula and David Hume

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