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#NotAloneTeam: Raising Awareness for Depression and Anxiety

On a mission to raise awareness for depression and anxiety, Acron Threads have teamed up with cricketer Mitchell Johnson to launch the “Not Alone” Campaign.

Not many are aware of it, but depression and anxiety may and can affect you in some way. In fact, according to an Australian independent non-profit organisation, BeyondBlue, “45% of the country’s population will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.” In addition, around 1-2 million Australian adults suffer depression or anxiety every year.

With the hashtag: #NotAloneTeam, the Not Alone Campaign seeks to break the stigma of depression and anxiety and support people suffering from these conditions.

Help Spread the Word!

Although these mental conditions are considered as common conditions, these debilitating illnesses are still very misunderstood in the community—that’s why you have to take part in raising awareness for depression and anxiety!

Take these three simple steps below in order to join the campaign and help spread the word!

  1. Take a selfie with your sunglasses upside down (this symbolises how it feels when your world is upside down living with depression)
  2. Post the picture on social media with the caption: #notaloneteam raising awareness for depression and anxiety. I nominate…
  3. And nominate your friends to do the same!

Be part of the #NotAloneTeam, and together we can make a change!

Head over to the Acron Threads Not Alone Campaign page if you want to know more about it and purchase a shirt to help raise funds, with $10 from each purchase going to BeyondBlue.

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