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MPM Finance Can Show You How to Improve Cash Flow and Grow a Business with Invoice/Debtor Finance

MPM Finance is showing business owners how competitive invoice/debtor financing can be used to improve cash flow and grow a business.

Invoice/Debtor Finance – the facility which enables a business to realise the cash benefit of their sales without having to wait for debtors to pay – provides business owners with many advantages.

While removing the need to use property as security, the self-liquidating financing facility enables business owners to take advantage of supplier discounts, grow the business, purchase additional equipment, or paying out term debt by providing a cashflow solution that recognises the value of the assets of the business.

Invoice finance is a stand alone facility that allows clients to lend up to 80% against their debtor book. It can sit alongside other business borrowings such as long-term loans or leasing arrangements.

Our finance team’s ability to secure extremely competitive rates also means that using invoice finance is often cheaper for business owners than offering a discount to debtors to encourage prompt payments.

Business clients deriving advantage from not having to wait 30 to 60 days for funds from debtors include those in the fields of labour hire, recruitment, manufacturing, wholesale, business services, transport, and printing.

It also allows clients to release landed property as security and use their own home for their own personal wealth creation. Such as the purchase of an investment property or to purchase shares.

It can also be very useful with non – related Directors in a business where they have an unequal security position for business debts.

McKinley Plowman’s finance division has access to a range of financiers so as to provide for a flexible invoice financing solution.

Our team utilises a competitive tendering process – whereby banks are asked to bid for the client’s business – to ensure the client receives the most suitable finding arrangement for their needs.

To find our more about how the McKinley Plowman Finance Team can help your business with invoice financing contact Paul Moran 9301 2200.







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