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McKinley Plowman welcomes Amanda Middleton

This month we introduce Amanda Middleton, our Business Services Manager.

Amanda’s Background

Amanda’s professional background primarily consists of 7+ years of tax and business services experience in Australia and also 4 years’ experience with the Australian Taxation Office. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Taxation from UNSW. Was born and raised in Perth and doesn’t think there is anywhere else on earth she would choose to live.

Amanda’s Client Focus

Whilst she believes it is important to have everything in order now, it is equally if not more so important to have everything in order for the future. Having the best suited legal structure, cash flow, and plan in place for the future will ensure you are on track financially and personally. By taking into consideration your goals and likely achievements we can determine the best fit for you and what you want to achieve. A pro-active approach will enable better planning for the future and in turn a better financial position for you and your family.

Her broad experience with various industries and clients ranging in size on both a financial and physical value will be a great advantage to any business and she will be able to bring a new perspective to your existing business, a new business you are looking to invest in or even adding value to a business you are looking to sell. The four years she spent with the ATO have also enabled her to provide appropriate advice on most aspects of ATO procedures, including; remission of interest, payment arrangements, hardship and objections. In addition, the experience she gained through 7+ years working in taxation and business services will ensure that your compliance needs are met on time and at the highest standard.

She will endeavor to deliver advice to you and your business in a format that suits your needs which will allow you to strive in your industry. You can be confident that your accounting, taxation and business needs are being exceeded and this will allow you to focus on the items that are important to you. Amanda is passionate about the success of her clients and she will strive to ensure all your needs are met, whatever they may be.

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