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We at McKinley Plowman Wear Our Jeans on Fridays to Help Others in Need

Every Friday the 40+ staff of McKinley have a free dress day, but we don’t have them just because, we have them to raise money and awareness for many different charities and people in need.

A gold coin donation is our fee to come in casual clothes each Friday which goes to various charities across Perth and Australia and this year we didn’t just stop there.

This year two of our directors,  Murray McKinley and Alec Blacklaw actively took part in the CEO Sleepout where they braved a cold wet night outside with nothing but cardboard and a sleeping bag with soup and hot teas and coffees to keep them warm.

Alec also, on his plane ride to a conference in Bali sat next to a young school girl and her father who were also on their way to Bali but for a different reason, got chatting and found out that they were going to Bali to personally hand over funds raised to the John Fawcett Foundation. Alec also got behind the cause and with the help of the other attendees at the conference and the staff at McKinley Plowman helped to raise over $38,000.

As we did last year fronted by Colette Pieniazek of Pension Transfer Specialists, we again have raised funds, gifts and things of need for the Patricia Giles Centre which helps with accommodation and counselling for women and children affected by domestic violence.

We have raised thousands of dollars throughout the year for other charities such as the Abseil for PMH, Turia’s Inca Trail Challenge, Relay for Life, The 40 Hour Famine and many others.

We hope that from our donations there are some people out there that are better off or maybe even one step closer to finding a cure this Christmas.

Why not turn your free dress days into a reason to help others!

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