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McKinley Plowman Newsletter – May 2014

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With 4 months of 2014 already passed, individuals and business owners are actively involved in the pursuit of their objectives and achieving good results. In this edition we provide some great tips to minimise your tax and secure your financial future.

Many of you have worked with a number of our specialists divisions, others have not as yet. If you have not worked with our other specialist divisions please contact us for a complimentary review so that we can understand your objectives and deliver improved outcomes for you, your family or business, without obligation or no pressure will be applied.

The directors of McKinley Plowman would like to thank you for your continued support and really appreciate the opportunities to contribute to your success. We have made a further investment in our people, systems and resources and are now looking to actively grow our business through referrals from happy clients.

Thank you in advance for considering referring us to those you know who would benefit from our caring and results focused approach.

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