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McKinley Plowman Newsletter – June 2013

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Welcome to the June 2013 Newsletter!

As we move towards the new financial year we have taken the opportunity to update you on some of the changes to business and personal income tax. Most notable is the increase in superannuation guarantee contributions to 9.25%, trust resolution changes, new reporting for the building and construction industry and much more.

Saving income tax is an important issue this time of year. Refer to our detailed Tax Planning checklist.

Do you have a loan? Check out our section on Loan Jargon and view the many new loan products available.

Do you have a South African Retirement Annuity? Please read the section on en-cashing your retirement annuity.

If you enjoy chocolate and coffee have a go at the Mocha-Toffee Pecan Bars. This was one of the many morning tea creations enjoyed by our team for the Cancer Council fundraiser.

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We hope you enjoy reading this edition and we welcome any feedback you may have.

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