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McKinley Plowman Appointed Member of MSI Global Alliance

MSI Global Alliance, a leading international association of independent accounting and network of law firms, has appointed Joondalup accounting firm McKinley Plowman & Associates to its membership.

Membership of the MSI Global Alliance provides McKinley Plowman & Associates’ clients with the combined benefits of working with their local adviser while having access to an expansive global reach of trusted and proven legal and accounting professionals.

Alec Blacklaw, director at McKinley Plowman & Associates and MSI area representative for the Asia Pacific region, says clients gain the advantage of accessing comprehensive  professional expertise across the globe at a highly competitive fee structure.

Mr Blacklaw says global expertise and specialist information is accessed on a needs basis, thereby ensuring the client, who has continuity with the trusted adviser who understands their business, only pays for what they need.

“We are delighted to join MSI Global Alliance as it provides our clients and ourselves with a terrific opportunity to access solutions and do business more efficiently across our local region as well as all parts of the world,” Mr Blacklaw says.

“Our association enables us to leverage proven legal and accountancy global expertise for clients at far more competitive rates than those associated with global legal or accounting firms.”

Mr Blacklaw says MSI Alliance relationships are already assisting McKinley Plowman & Associate’s clients with United Kingdom and South African tax matters as well as migration issues through the specialist migrant services of Melbourne legal firm Aitken Partners.

Gordon Lilley, director of UK based Caldervale Technology, a United Kingdom company which is setting up its Asia Pacific regional office in Malaga, says working with McKinley Plowman & Associates provides his company with access to a critical comprehensive range of services extending beyond accounting, legal and business planning.

Mr Lilley says an introduction to Mr Blacklaw through an Alliance member accountant Simon Palmer of Armstrong Watson in Britain has provided for a smoother transition into the Western Australian marketplace and opened the right doors for Caldervale Technology.

“We gain immediate advice to trusted specialist expertise on taxation, legal, accounting and business planning matters and we’ve also been given introductions to relevant and essential contacts in government and business organisations,” Mr Lilley says.

“Alec hit the nail on the head in terms of the introductions that he has given us.

“With Alec’s contacts and introductions, we’ve been able to achieve in three or four days what would have normally taken at least a month.”

Mr Lilley says the new Malaga branch will distribute Caldervale Technology’s PE plastic pipe welding equipment and other industry related products to the water, gas and mining sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

He says setting up a distribution centre in Malaga, which results in a significant reduction in freight charges for regional customers, allows Caldervale Technology to add value for its established client base in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

MSI’s coverage in Australia and New Zealand, brings together 16 leading independent legal and accounting firms that provide specialist services to local and overseas businesses.

Donal Watkin, chief executive at MSI Global Alliance says McKinley Plowman & Associates are a tremendous fit for MSI in the Perth market.

“I know the firm will make a strong contribution to the continuing development of MSI’s services capabilities in the Australian region, “ Mr Watkin says.

Since its foundation in 1997, McKinley Plowman & Associates, based in Joondalup, has become one of Perth’s biggest suburban accounting companies providing the expertise and resources of large city based firms, while offering the competitive fee structure and personal service of a family based business.

The firm, with a total staff of 40, provides a full range of accounting and taxation services as well as business improvement, financial planning and finance broking.

Clients include individuals, small to medium enterprises, corporations, start ups and entrepreneurs.

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