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So what makes a great brand?

What makes Virgin so memorable? How about McDonalds? How did they create a brand that has worldwide recognition?

Here are a few tips to follow:

Your Brand Is What People Say It Is

How many times have you phoned a friend to ask for a recommendation when you needed work doing? What people say about you and your company is what your brand is…make sure it’s worth repeating.

Make Your Brand Meaningful

Think about your customers when deciding what your brand is about. Ask what is it that your customers value the most about doing business with you? By responding directly to your customer’s needs you will make your brand meaningful.

Know What Your Market Needs

Show customers that you understand the challenges they face and the benefits they’ll get from doing business with you. Instead of selling products or services, offer them solutions that are custom designed to their needs.

Keep the Conversation Going

Engage customers in person, by phone, in writing, or virtually, in accordance with their preferences for receiving information and not yours for delivering it!

Social media platforms give you unprecedented access to information about where you’re succeeding in wowing customers, where your efforts are falling flat or backfiring, (which can be painful – just ask any celebrity caught doing something they probably shouldn’t have been doing in public!) and where opportunities are emerging to strengthen ties to the community your business serves.

Make Your Position Clear

Think about how you can add value in a way that makes customers more reliant on—and more loyal to—your business brand. Ask how can we do better?

Branding Is a Team Sport

Every member of your company has a role to play in promoting your brand. Make it a team sport. Virgin Airlines is a great example of that…every member of their flight crew is working hard to make sure you’re are getting a service you like at a price you agreed to pay…

Live Your Brand

If being “green” is important to your business and its customers, use post-consumer content recycled paper, packaging, and shipping materials.

Keep Your Brand Alive and Evolving

If a brand is not moving forward, then it’s going to get stale very quickly.
That doesn’t mean completely reinventing yourself every year, but it really does mean keeping up with current business conditions, marketplace trends, regulatory shifts, and a host of other factors. Stay current and keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your field or risk becoming irrelevant.

Good Brands Make Good Neighbors

Remember where we started? With a recommendation from a friend … Well, what goes around comes around. Most of us want to feel valued as customers, and most of us prefer to do business with people with whom we share values, we trust, share priorities, and with people we share a sense of personal connection.

Build your brand to so that customers think of themselves as doing business with you, not your company. Treat them the way you’re treated by the business’ you value the most. By your trusted motor mechanic, the plumber who always comes out when your water pipe burst and you are knee-deep in it! When you handle customer relationships this way, and you do it consistently, and in a way that rings true, your brand will inspire loyalty and they will keep on coming back and send their friends to you too.

This article was written by Merrian Styles, Concise Creative Licensee. Concise Creative are expanding into Joondalup and are looking for their next licensee. If you love business, are passionate about marketing and want to earn a great income with none of the usual headaches of running a business, send an expression of interest to or visit

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