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Important Changes to Managing Activity Statements

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have implemented important changes to the way they manage the delivery of Activity Statements.

If you or your registered agent lodges an activity statement on your behalf through an electronic channel, your next activity statement will be available only in electronic format – the ATO will not send a paper statement.

If you lodge your statement via the Business Portal, Standard Business Reporting (SBR) or Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI) the ATO will send you an email advising that the next activity statement is available online.

If the ATO does not have your email address, you will not receive any other notification or a paper statement. Please make sure your details are correctly recorded with the ATO by contacting them on 132866 or via the Business Portal online These contact details may also be used if you wish to reinstate paper generation of your activity statements.

When McKinley Plowman lodges an activity statement on your behalf your next statement will be delivered to us electronically. We will contact you when we receive it to request the information necessary to complete and lodge it. If you prefer to lodge your own activity statement, you will need to advise us so we can update your preference with the ATO.

Remember, make sure the ATO has a valid email address if you lodge your statement electronically to ensure you receive reminders that your next statement is available. If we lodge the statements on your behalf, please provide the information to us as soon as possible. Late lodgement penalties may be applied even if an activity statement is lodged one day late.

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