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Helping Clients Grow and Develop their Business and Access Current Government Funding

McKinley Plowman ran a series of Boardroom Briefings in October 2014 where a variety of clients banks and business people attended to learn how to run a more profitable and valuable business and how to access new government funding.

Alec Blacklaw of McKinley Plowman and Matt White from our MSI firm in Brisbane received some very positive feedback and it reinforced the ability and commitment of McKinley Plowman to assist their clients on a number of levels to secure their financial future.

Government funding grants are available for Australian established companies that are in growth mode, developing new products, processes services or methodologies.

Government grants are a great way to boost your working capital to facilitate the growth of your business strategically to achieve your results.

If you missed the Boardroom Briefing and would like to know more please contact Alec Blacklaw to see how you and your business may benefit from government funding to assist the growth of your business.

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