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Help Alec Blacklaw to Raise Awareness and Funds for Homelessness in Australia

About 1 in every 200 Australians is experiencing homelessness every night. 17% of the overall homeless population are children under 12 years old.

Domestic and family violence, relationship and family breakdowns, unemployment and drug and alcohol abuse are the most common reasons why people are experiencing homelessness. The experience of homelessness can trigger an aggravate mental illness thus making homeless people more prone to suffer from mental disorders.

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout aims to convey the reality of the lives of those who are homeless by encouraging and recruiting CEOs to participate and raise awareness to the rest of Australia’s population.

With no luxuries and with only soup, bread, tea and coffee as food, the CEOs will spend  12 hours outside with nothing but their warm clothes, a sleeping bag, pillow, and cardboard that will be provided for them to sleep on or make a shelter with.

One of our directors, Alec Blacklaw, will be participating on the 18th June 2015. Let us help Alec to raise awareness and funds to help people who have no roof over their heads at night. A little help from everyone else goes a long way in helping  those who are in need.

Click here to make a donation!

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