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How To Go BOOM! 5 Powerful Ways to Turn Your Business From Good to Great

In the age of globalisation, technological advancement, supreme competition and an ever-evolving marketplace, being a ‘good’ business simply isn’t good enough. Customer satisfaction, the maximisation of profits and the ability to attract attention relies heavily on the values and strategies prepared by management, but are they being constructed to achieve the highest levels of success? Here are five ways to go BOOM, moving from the realm of good business to powerful organisation.

Stated and operating values

Many mission statements read the same: here we strive to provide our customers with the best (insert value). But it is alarming how often these broad and inaccurate statements don’t link with the operation of the business. State the uniqueness of your service provision; discuss a result that sets your business in a distinct and positive light, and break away from the conventional ‘about us’ paragraph. Success relies on difference, a separation from the pack; what makes yours a more viable option than the next?

Backup planning

Not all strategies run smoothly, not all plans eventuate. If one fails, employ another. Failure is part of success and must be accepted for improvement. Even the most impressive and tightly structured plan can unravel, but the key is to remain proactive and expect the roadblock. Crisis means opportunity, after all. Continuing with a plan despite the apparent cracks only delays the fall and slowly removes the possibility of intercepting with a new strategy. Accept criticism and know when to move on.

Leadership: Focus on the whole

Direction and initiative comes from the top, but the top must understand the bottom for full functionality. Talk to the people who spend as much time in the business as you, irrespective of the role or pay packet. Understand the culture and use it to advantage by applying it to the brand and advertisement. Team environments allow the circulation of ideas, of issues and of potential changes for improvement. Encourage free speech and lead like a parent, not a dictator.

Be tech savvy

No business can be considered powerful without the optimal use of the latest technology. The most progressive businesses have Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels updating customers, shareholders and the wider public of all that occurs. Make the people feel a part of the action, let them celebrate the highs and understand the challenges. Update your online profile as much as possible to keep ahead of the pack. Staying at the forefront of all minds is a must in the marketplace.

Utilise internal talents

Why outsource on a specialist when someone in your business has the talents? Why advertise for a position that can be filled from within? This not only saves time and money, but also increases employee motivation. Outputs will increase where the option of career progression presents, along with multitasking and satisfaction. How a business is viewed stems from the mood in the workplace and how productive each sector is at any given time. Don’t be afraid to be loyal. Reward from within.

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