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How to Get Your Team Members Interested

Alec Blacklaw shares feedback from the hundreds of Team Advisory Boards he has run for clients, with their team members, in nearly every industry.

Lots of business owners will often say it’s hard to attract the right team members to their business in this ongoing war for talent. And then it’s even harder to get them to stay!

Numerous employee surveys confirm individuals want an interesting job and truly want to contribute to the success of the business. They will give their best, and develop their skills in a business they feel emotionally connected to. On the flip side the feedback is that team members don’t always feel like they matter or that they have been invited to comment on what the business does well or what it could do better.

For your team to perform well and be productive they need to buy into your vision and to understand your core values… and most importantly, believe that you are living your values in the way you treat them and your clients.

It’s important you share your journey and build some real energy into your daily and weekly goals so that everyone knows where you’re headed and your progress. Allow your team to be responsible for their results and ensure they know what is expected of them.

Be authentic and honest in in all that you do as a leader and your team will respond. Make sure you celebrate your results and learn together from your mistakes. Be honest and transparent.

Design your culture from the core values that are important for you and your business model and take time to see this from your client’s perspective. Be clear about the benefits your clients get from dealing with you or buying your product or service.

Your team members need to truly ‘get this’ and feel aligned to your core values in order for them to be most productive, to enjoy their work and to help contribute to your overall success.

An engaging and productive culture can be a clear point of difference. Can you describe yours?

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