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Finding An Accountant that Goes the Extra Miles

I consider myself “a bit lucky” to have chanced upon my accountant Nigel Plowman when I arrived in Australia from Britain on a temporary visa in 2002. I was living in Ocean Reef at the time and after thumbing through the phone book selected two Joondalup based accounting companies.

I felt such an immediate rapport with Nigel and confidence in the way he helped me articulate a vision for Cargo Furniture that I never got around to seeing the other firm. Nigel’s business coaching, investment and taxation advice has played a significant part in the success of my expanding chain of stores at Subiaco, Cannington, and Clarkson.

I’m proud to say that Cargo Furniture was among a handful of WA businesses to make BRW’s national list of noteworthy upstarts in 2007. For someone who arrived here without any business or social networks, having the professional support of someone like Nigel, who I’ve since discovered does a lot of very supportive behind the scenes work for myself and other clients, has been invaluable.

Nigel has an excellent team of professionals working for him and it’s been great to be able to pick up the phone and have such high-quality advice on tap. It’s like having access to the sort of expertise you’d get from a major city based accounting firm, yet at the same time, you receive a more personal service and more competitive fee structure.

I highly recommend McKinley Plowman to anyone seeking an accountant who will go the extra miles for them.

Steve Phillips, Managing Director of Cargo Furniture

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