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Celebrating the End of the Financial Year with a Bang for a Good Cause

With our commitment to raising money for charity, McKinley Plowman has celebrated our End of Financial Year Function for a cause.

For this year, one of the highlights of the function is that the team were paired off and had to dress each other and shop for clothes at the Joondalup Salvos store with a budget of $46.51 each. The team were then split into 5 groups which were also their table seating arrangements at The Darlings Supper Club in Northbridge, where they had dinner and drinks.

The team did a great job at styling each other with tables getting together and organising themes such as The Great Gatsby, Masquerade, 80’s Wedding, Under the Sea and of course the cross-dressers.

There were prizes for the most quirky and stylishly dressed table and there was also an additional table competition in which each table had to deliver the funniest joke/skit/dance which was judged by all the other tables.

It was tough competition and the first round ended in a tie as each table had one vote each so round two was needed and the “big guns” were needed to be brought out to try and take the prize.

The McKinley Plowman Staff definitely had fun at the party knowing that while enjoying themselves, others who are in need will benefit.

The  Joondalup Salvos Store contributes all of its profit from the sale of its goods to community programs run by the Salvation Army.


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