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How can I get business sponsorship in Australia?

As a fast-growing nation, Australia has plenty of job opportunities, but in many sectors, also a skills shortage.

While that can mean a headache for employers in the industries where talent is hard to come by, it presents a great opportunity for overseas skilled workers who want to come to work Down Under.

The skills and experiences of migrant workers can help employers and business owners enhance customer service, strengthen existing market share or expand into new markets, both in Australia and overseas.

Why migrants are Australia’s greatest asset

Australia is a nation built on immigration. According the government figures. In 2010:

2 million people aged 15 years plus live in Australia but were born overseas.
720,000 – Number of recent migrants.
550,000 – Number of recent migrants who were born in countries where English was not their first language.
Luckily, there are several alternative routes for workers wanting to move to Australia, both temporarily and permanently.

While many under 50’s look to the points-based independent visa, others are securing both the visa and the job in one fell swoop with sponsored business visas.

How do you know if you can qualify for a sponsored visa?

To qualify for any of these visas, applicants must work in a skilled occupation that has been approved by the Australian Government. The list of eligible occupations is available on the Skilled Occupation Lists which are published in the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol website and are regularly updated.

Employers can be put in touch with potential employees through SkillSelect, a free online service which logs expressions of interest from suitably qualified overseas workers, who upload their details to the site. Australian employers can read their qualifications and employment history and contact workers if they are interested in offering them a position.

If the employer finds someone who can fill their vacancy, they can sponsor them to relocate to Australia (often with their families) using a variety of visas.

Temporary visas allow skilled workers to come work in Australia for an approved business for up to four years, while the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa programme is a two-step process that starts with nomination by an approved Australian employer followed by an application.

There is also a regional sponsored visa which aims to bring skilled workers to areas of need outside the established major east coast cities.

Rules and responsibilities for sponsors are outlined on the DIBP website and vary dependant on the type of visa issued.

Whatever the visa, it is the responsibility of all Australian businesses to employ legal workers. Sponsors are monitored by various government departments for up to five years after sponsorship ends and failure to cooperate with inspectors is a breach of the sponsorship obligations.

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