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Our Business Improvement Division Gets a Refresh

McKinley Plowman maintains its focus on working with our clients to improve the performance  of their business. Quite simply we love business and people and have a passion to help business owners achieve their objectives and maximise their outcomes.

Our objective is to help you run a really good business, make good profits, build value and have fun doing it!

We have always had a focus on working with our clients to complement their talent with our experience and expertise, quite often acting as a sounding board for their ideas.

Our clients tell us they value this fresh perspective and sounding board which they don’t always get in their own business environment.

Other clients have used our cfo2go service where they tap into our financial and business acumen to drive the performance and profitability of their business.

With Alec Blacklaw joining McKinley Plowman we now have a further business and commercial resource where we partner with our clients to improve the performance of their business by driving the key elements of their strategy, holding all parties accountable for the implementation and results.

We have a special offer for the month October – We are pleased to offer a complimentary business health check for the first 5 businesses who contact us.

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