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Boomtown Planner Shortage

McKinley Plowman & Associates works hard to attract and retain quality team members who are committed to the financial success of our clients. The company’s endeavours to find and nurture exceptional financial planning professionals attracted the attention of the Financial Planner Magazine.

Director Murray McKinley says the company, which is based in the northern suburb of Joondalup, is meeting its staffing challenges with a solution that has the potential to contribute to the long-term sustainability of  the growing financial services industry.  McKinley Plowman & Associates’ has nurtured financial planning talent through a carefully planned coaching system for employing university undergraduates as junior paraplanners.  The undergraduates work under the guidance of highly experienced financial advisers and are set on a career path that will see them eventually qualifying as a financial planner.  Murray says undergraduates, who often join the company while on work placement during their university studies, are given flexible leave/working arrangements to continue their studies.

Click here to read ‘Boomtown planner shortage’, – Financial Planning Magazine, May 1, 2007.

Reproduced with the permission of Financial Planning Magazine.

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