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Attention Business Owners – Competitive Bank Tendering Processes

Think you may be paying too much on your loans and want to save money?

Don’t let the banks dictate rates or terms to you!

McKinley Plowman – Competitive Tendering Process

Our finance specialists Paul Moran & Paul Tate have over 30 years experience in the finance industry, with Paul Moran working for one of the major banks as a Business Relationship Manager. They are happy to review your current loan facilities, re-structure them in need, talk to your own bank to look at reducing your rates or put your business out for tender to see who will offer the best overall package (rates & fees) as the banks bid for your business.

Did you know there are banks who will not charge a rate premium for business loans, but offer home loan rates even if there is a company/trust structure involved?

Did you know there is a bank who will not charge more for commercial security, with no application fee and no on-going monthly fees for business loans?

The banks are keen to attract good business clients and have some great offers to attract new business. You won’t know unless you let us review your position.

Please call us on 9301 2200 to book a time to review your current financial position.

If you have any questions, for a free and confidential discussion, please do not hesitate to call us on

08 9301 2200, or contact us today.

We greatly value our clients and are committed to honouring the trust they place in us by creating visible results for them. Get in touch to find out how we help our clients maximise profits, minimise tax, and invest the balance for growth.

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