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8 ways MPM Finance Can Help You Purchase an Investment Property

MPM Finance can help

Whether you’ve just begun to think about buying your first investment property, you want to expand your portfolio, or are simply looking to reassess your current investment finance, finding the right financial product is essential to reach your goals.

We have access to hundreds of different loan products and stay up-to-date with the constant changes and new offerings. This gives us an excellent understanding of the products most suitable for investment purposes.

Because our expertise lies in financing property and understanding both the real estate and loan markets, we can also be a great source of knowledge and advice. And there are many ways we can help. For instance, in conjunction with our Accountants and Financial Planners at McKinley Plowman we can:

  • Plan a finance strategy to help you realise your investment goals
  • Help you unlock equity in your current properties
  • Stay up-to-date with the loans that are most attractive to investors, such as Interest Only and Line of Credit loans
  • Advise you on lenders’ criteria to assist your chances of a quick and successful approval and help you acquire higher standard properties
  • Balance your home loan and investment loans
  • Create proper risk management and financial strategies to help grow your portfolio
  • Structure your finance to help you with the many tax implications that come with investments
  • And provide ongoing reassessment of your loans and advise you of new and more suitable loans as they come in to the market

Use these tools to help you buy your next investment property.

Property Buying Checklist (PDF)

Investment Property Analyser (XLS)

Let our team help you get that next property purchase set up correctly, contact Paul Moran or Paul Tate on 9301 2200 to discuss your finance position now.

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