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MP+ September-October Newsletter

Welcome to the September-October edition of the McKinley Plowman Newsletter! In this issue, you’ll find a vast range of articles and updates, ranging from estate planning to Single Touch Payroll; from starting a business to planning for retirement.

Founding director Nigel Plowman gives his insight into starting a new business – something he knows all too well – and provides a small business market update.

Meanwhile, Head of Superannuation and Estate Planning Ian Gath offers a first-hand perspective on the importance of interdependent relationships in Estate Planning. In keeping with the theme of preparing for later life, Financial Adviser Wit Shawcross has penned an article that looks at the concept of moving away in your retirement years, and what to consider if that sounds like something you’d like to explore.

In Finance, Director Paul Moran’s piece on evaluating a potential property investment has been written with some professional input from Performance Property Advisory, and gives excellent, timely notes on what to look for if you’re thinking of taking the plunge. Finally, Business Services Director Dominic Rollerson provides another update on Single Touch Payroll, and how its implementation can affect payment summaries to employees.

We hope you enjoy the articles!


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