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Finding Peak Performance in a Leadership Role

When placed into a leadership role, so many professionals spend countless hours developing their teams, looking to get the best out of them individually and collectively, and guide them to reach their ‘peak performance’. Where they often fall down, though, is in their own development. By failing to invest time in extending their own abilities, leaders can get stuck in a place where their team aren’t benefitting from their strong, flexible, and well-informed leadership. The most capable and effective leaders understand how their own level of performance impacts their team.

In this article, we’ll explore what peak leadership performance looks like, why it serves you as a leader, and how it benefits your team.

What Does Peak Leadership Performance Look Like?

Peak leadership performance is so much more than the skills to manage a group of people. Overall, it encompasses things like a healthy mind and body, good work-life balance, reception to feedback, and dedication to leading by example. Leaders who are approaching peak performance have an active interest in developing their team, support the career progression of the professionals who report to them, and give them opportunities to step up and take ownership. Much of this comes from leading by example – showing your team that you are always willing to take ownership and show initiative, and living the values you want to see from them.

Another challenging but critical facet of finding peak performance in leadership is establishing regular feedback loops with your team. This involves being able to give and receive constructive criticism as required, and make or facilitate changes to address that feedback. While many professionals may think that they are great at giving and receiving feedback, the truth is that so many find it difficult to be completely honest about the performance of themselves or a colleague, and struggle to overcome the awkwardness of those types of conversations. Great leaders push their teams forward with praise or constructive criticism as required, and your team helps you grow as a leader by identifying your own shortcomings.

Peak Leadership Performance – For You

The benefits of being a good leader are perhaps more obvious from the perspective of those you are leading (but we’ll cover that in a minute). Peak leadership performance is key for career development. Imagine how many doors you’ll open by sporting a proven track record of leading teams to great achievements and amazing success.

You’ll also reap the benefits of being able to better manage your own time. This is because good leaders delegate what can be delegated – they don’t hoard the easy jobs, and they don’t get bogged down in work that can be leveraged out to a more appropriate team member. Leaders at the peak of their powers know that their development, and that of their team, relies on everyone doing work that is meaningful but challenging. Another significant upshot of finding your peak performance in a leadership role is a sense of fulfilment. You will see valuable and rewarding work being accomplished as a result of having an engaged, happy, and motivated team – one that you’ve guided to the success you will all share.

Peak Leadership Performance – For Your Team

Touching on the last point above, peak leadership performance from yourself will put you at the helm of a happier, more engaged team. Greater connection between manager and team member typically results in that team member being willing to go that extra mile, stick around longer within the team and the business, and their overall performance will be higher. Many professionals in the workforce today can point to great leaders they’ve worked with in the past, who have inspired them to be their best and find their own peak performance.

Peak leadership performance involves leading by example, including setting a precedent and team culture around continuous improvement. Your team benefits from this approach as the work they produce within this structure is typically of higher quality. The knock-on impact of this is to the benefit of their own career progression and professional development; and subsequently the business itself benefits from having an employee base who are striving to reach peak performance.

Looking Ahead

There are several more aspects to peak leadership performance – the above is far from an exhaustive list. However, the overall points are sound. To leave you with a bottom line – bring the best version of yourself to work and to your leadership role; and lead your team by example to help them find their peak performance.

Mind You Performance

Mind You Performance (MYP) represents the next generation of health and wellbeing. MYP has reimagined the traditional model of simply guiding professionals in tackling their mental health issues and developed a holistic approach that incorporates complete physical health, mental wellbeing, and exceptional mental performance.

Going beyond dealing with mental health “issues”, MYP emphasises a proactive, three-dimensional scope to assist professionals to embrace the broader picture of health and wellbeing for the benefit of not only their career and its development, but their life as a whole. Directed by partners Steve Liggett and Shay Lam, who leverage their extensive experience across a range of industries, MYP are passionate about mentoring high-performing, motivated professionals at all stages in their career and guiding them along their unique journey.

You can find MYP on LinkedIn here, or feel free to reach out to Steve & Shay directly:

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