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Property Capital Gains

Are you wanting to invest in real estate? It’s a wise move to make your capital gains accountant one of your main contacts, as this can save you many thousands of dollars in property capital gains tax (CGT) down the track. This ensures your end investment goals are clear and your chosen ownership structure is optimal for you.

Our team of Property Accountants use up to date intelligence in advising property investors on investment feasibility, asset protection, depreciation, tax minimisation and ownership structures.

Why should I speak with a capital gains tax accountant in Perth before investing in real estate?

Having the right ownership structure is essential for asset protection and to avoid unnecessary additional expenses in stamp duty, conveyancing and CGT when it comes to selling the property. For example, a couple with one high income earner wanting the long-term tax benefits of negative gearing are advised to hold the property in the name of the highest earner.

On the other hand, if someone buys a positively geared property with a view to selling it within a few years, it may better suit their goals to hold ownership within a trust structure which provides CGT benefits and allows for distribution of profits to trust members on the lowest tax bracket.

Investors intending to turn over property quickly may be better served by holding the property within a company structure. Hence, in the interests of ensuring an investment is structured in the most optimal way for asset protection and tax minimisation, seeking advice from a capital gains tax accountant in Perth is necessary. It is also important to speak to an accountant before selling a property to achieve the best capital gains tax outcome.

Our capital gains tax accountants in Joondalup and Perth also provide clients with access to a network of proven and trusted specialists in the fields of finance broking, real estate, property coaches, architects, builders and developers. We understand that property investors need to draw on a range of trusted professionals to meet their goals.

Shaped by the highest standards of integrity and mutual respect, our growing team of capital gains tax accountants in Joondalup and Perth draw on years of experience in helping clients build wealth through property investment.

To make an appointment with a capital gains tax accountant in Joondalup or Perth, contact us at

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