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Finance Review

Like the largest of corporations, our finance specialists Paul Moran and Paul Tate have access to over 30 lenders. Unlike the others, they also have the advantage of being part of McKinley Plowman and therefore enjoy a broad understanding of your overall financial position, goals, wants and needs.

If you’re not already a client of McKinley Plowman, we’re happy to perform a Finance Review where we look at your current loan facilities in regard to interest rates, fees and security position to ensure you’re getting the best available options.

If you are looking to upgrade, jump into property investment or expand your existing property portfolio, we can talk to your bank to look at reducing your rates/fees or provide a comparison report to demonstrate other lenders in the market.

Most institutions will only look to re-finance a client to another bank because it makes them money. In most cases it’s cheaper to stay where you are, so we work with your existing bank to ‘twist their arm’ to achieve a better result for you.

Like to find out more and what your borrowing capacity could be? Book a time to review your current financial position.

For a free Finance Review – contact us here.

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