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Competitive Tendering Process

Imagine partnering with a company that doesn’t allow the banks to dictate what rates and terms your business should pay on loans. It is possible!

Utilising McKinley Plowman’s FREE Competitive Tendering Process, many businesses achieve fantastic results through this practical and innovative process which, in essence, is designed to save money.

Our Competitive Tendering Process specialists, Paul Moran and Paul Tate, combine more than 50 years experience in the finance industry, both outside of and within major banks. They can review your current loan facilities, restructure them if required, talk to your bank to achieve rate reductions or, alternatively, put your business out for tender to see who will offer the best deal.

Most businesses have no idea that the banks actually do have packages that offer brilliant rates and terms. McKinley Plowman does!

Recent companies to use this service achieved results that include:

  • Sports complex – Refinanced and saved $55k over 3 years
  • Drilling Business – Stayed with their existing bank and saved $30k in just 1 year
  • Doctor – Stayed with existing Bank and saved $28k in just 1 year
  • Aged Care Provider – Refinanced and saved $12k in just 1 year

Allow us to review your current financial position. For a FREE Competitive Tendering Process – contact us here.

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