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Make business succession a success, with McKinley Plowman.

As business owners and drivers, we all strive so hard for success. Pure blood, sweat and tears go into a good business, but we don’t need to tell you that.

Knowing all of the above, it makes it a ‘given’ that we should all have a business succession plan that is as equally robust and well thought out as the business itself.

Although situations vary between business sizes and types, succession generally relates to exiting a business via selling to a third party, to family or to staff. A business sale can also be ‘forced’ for reasons such as death.

Quite simply, a good succession plan ensures the best possible exit outcome.

At McKinley Plowman, we’re experts in generating succession plans that support you to achieve your corporate goals via a structured exit from your business. We are with you all the way and, believe it or not, outside of the ‘financial science’ involved, one of the biggest things we give you is the adequate amount of time required the get the plan right.

With a McKinley’s succession plan, we consider key areas such as maximizing your sale price, economical timing, minimising tax, sale agreements, insurances and funding opportunities.

We even work with you to discover and canvass potential suitors. We’re here to help make your business succession a great success.

For a business succession plan – contact us here.


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