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Brand Health Check

With Brand Plus, our process most often begins with a service completely foreign to ad agencies – A free service!

We call it a Brand Health Check and essentially it’s like taking your business to the doctor. Together, we examine the ‘Present State’, where your business is at and why. What’s holding it back, what’s making it great and where do we think it sits in the market in terms of competitors and your industry overall?

From an accounting perspective we create and consider a number of growth equations that can take your business to the next level, and the level beyond that. We have fun and assume budgets, both realistic and potential – and what the returns on both of those would be.

As a result we then make recommendations based upon the Brand Health Check and its results. These could vary from ‘perfect health and carry on as you are’ through to ‘let’s consider cosmetic surgery’, whereby we agree collaboratively that your brand is really holding you back.

Overall, it’s an enlightening way to look at your business in a way that no other accounting firm is offering.

For more information on a free Brand Health Check – contact us here.

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