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Your business and your home are likely to be the two highest value assets that you own. Generally you will have a good feeling for what your home is worth. Can you say the same for your business?

Is the value of my business really important?

You will want to retire at some point or achieve a level of financial independence and accordingly, you may then set achieving this as your goal. This may involve building and structuring your business to enable it to either be sold or run under management.

Understanding the value of your business enables you to know what areas to focus on to maximise the value …be it marketing, people, systems or other key areas.

As your business will generally represent a significant part of your overall assets it’s important to know how much this represents in dollar terms so you can plan other aspects of your finances i.e. personal investments or superannuation investments in order to achieve your overall goal.

Many successful businesses will be tracking the value of the business on at least an annual basis in order to ensure that they are driving and creating additional value on an ongoing basis. It’s you who controls the value of your business, not anyone else.

 MP+ Valuations

We’ve undertaken Valuations of businesses on a regular basis over a long period of time. We know what’s involved.

Valuations are not only needed for the purposes of planning your business growth, succession and exit planning, they also tend to add the most value in this area.

Restructuring, legal disputes and employee share schemes often also necessitate Valuations be undertaken.

We ensure we understand your needs and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your business as part of the Valuation Process which we then step through, so you have a clear understanding of where the real value is and how to increase that value.

Take control of the value of your business, partner with MP+ to start your business’ Valuation Process – contact us here.

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