my accountants are partners for life
my accountants are partners for life

Family Office Management

Family Office Management

Families who have amassed significant wealth, whether big or small, require more complex financial management strategies, and this makes establishing a family office a logical choice. A family office is a structure that engages a team of professionals to oversee and manage the private affairs of the family.

There are many benefits of running a family office:

  • Obtain advice from professionals who have a well-rounded understanding of your assets and liabilities.
  • Have a dedicated team working cohesively in implementing the family’s wealth plans.
  • Set in place well-thought out strategies to diversify investments and mitigate risks.
  • Protect the family’s wealth for the next generation through estate planning and review.
  • Simplify the family’s complex wealth circumstances through a unified approach of the team of advisors managing the family office.
  • Have more time.

 Why McKinley Plowman?

With a varied range of divisions within our firm, McKinley Plowman provides seamless, integrated, and family-specific wealth management services.

Our goal is to take on the complex task of managing a family office to allow our clients to focus on growing their business and nurturing their family.

Our process starts with an initial planning session to determine the family’s unique needs. A collaboration of client managers from different divisions will identify the recommended services to meet the family’s requirements before a plan is implemented. Families with high net worth can be at peace knowing that a team of accountants, finance specialists and wealth advisors are looking over their affairs.

Clients who are exceeding or fast approaching $10M+ of net assets can benefit from Family Office Management services such as:


To find out more about McKinley Plowman Family Office Management services – contact us here.

(If you are not yet at this level yet, however it is something you aspire, please take a look at Life Plan as another option.)

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